Nova Meta Full Spoilers

Edit: Answers Added Below

It’s almost time to spoil all the code-named lists from the Nova Meta that’s gotten a few of you riled up and gotten the rest of you to invest in popcorn futures. But first, how about a little game to test your ability to predict what the squads were? Below you’ll see a matching quiz to play. Just match up the code name to the archetype and then guess if it made the cut to the extra swiss rounds (must have gone 4-2 in its flight). Answers will be posted at about 10:30am, once Flight 2 begins.

(And yes, this was made on MS Word, that’s why there’s the red squiggles.)

CodeNames*Making the cut refers only to Nova region players. Some squads were flown by others, but this is just if the Nova player flying that squad made it.

Come back in about an hour to see the answers posted!

And here’s the answers!


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  1. YourChartIsBad

    You know you can have Word ignore a spelling “error” once, so you don’t end up with this massively unprofessional presentation.

    Or in terms you would understand, git gud, scrub.

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