Support This Site With Booze and Bucks

If you like the content you find here and want to support it, we’re always accepting cash, checks, and tequila (you can have liquor stores ship direct to Maryland addresses).

We’re accepting contributions through our Patreon account (only money, can’t pledge booze, sorry), or you can use ourĀ Amazon Affiliate link. (After using that link to get to Amazon, a small percentage of your purchase price will go towards supporting this site. You can buy your X-Wing junk, Armada junk, whatever, so long as the shopping visit originated from that click. Doesn’t cost you anything extra, just takes a little money out of the pocket of Amazon.)

And in case you’re feeling guilty about not supporting your friendly local game store, fret not! We burn a ton of money in tournament fees and merchandise at a number of stores, so we’ll just take care of that for you.

But Derek, aren’t you just going to blow all the money on booze?

Yes indeed! And, when I’m a bit buzzed during local tournaments, I end up buying more stuff from my FLGS. It’s all part of the great cosmic plan of the universe.

But seriously, we need some better equipment to improve the quality of our videos, and more deodorant as to not offend our fellow players.

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