Meta Analysis FAQ

Q: This can’t be right, I know other squads are being flown, what gives?

A: This is not an analysis of what squads are being flown. It’s an analysis of what squads are winning, and even more specifically, what you need to be prepared to beat.

Q: How are the data analyzed?

A: Carefully. Squads need a winning record to be included, and data are weighted based on number of wins.

Q: Can I get the exact weighting formula?

A: Not without a Secret Order emblem force lightning tattooed onto your arm.

Q: What stores are you getting this data from?

A: Several stores in the NoVa (Washington DC) region contribute their data, and the largest contributor by far is Curio Cavern, primarily because they have weekly tournaments with a high turnout — Curio produces the most data of any store in the world, so they will end up skewing the stats a bit.

Q: Why aren’t you doing this with global stats?

A: The analysis involves a lot of manual tinkering, so we’re limited with how much we can do. We’ll be sticking to the NoVa region because these are stores where the squads are reacting to each other, rather than pulling from stores that have independent meta.

Q: Where can I find the exact squad lists?

A: List Juggler. Look for Maryland and Virginia stores.

Q: What does “+N” on the archetypes mean?

A: That is the number of additional ships in the squad. These may be unique or generic pilots. They are typically small base ships, with the notable exception of IG88 +1 almost always being a large base addition.

Q: Why is crackshot shown as existing on about 300% of squads?

A: The No Forgiveness chart is weighted both on number of wins with that upgrade and number of appearances it made. Crackswarms will skew the data, and we’re looking into better representation methods.

Q: Why doesn’t the Control and Denial wheel use the same sort of weighting as No Forgivness?

A: Join the Secret Order and we’ll talk.

Q: What qualifies you to do this sort of thing?

A: You mean other than the huge volume of X-Wing games played and participation in damn near every NoVa region tournament?

So other than that, several years of experience as the Director of Research for the team that created the now-standard model of evaluating law school employment outcomes. Also, my last job was programming binary load lifters.

Q: …Law school employment outcome analysis? Isn’t that incredibly ironic?

A: Yes. And on a completely unrelated note, please use our Amazon affiliate link.

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