099 – Basic Rules of Space Combat

1. Getting into position and taking shots is more important than clearing stress or taking actions. Modified attack dice hit a lot, unmodified attacks hit sometimes, but a ship with no shots never hits.

2. Create a victory condition. Identify the biggest threat in your opponent’s squad and the best opportunities to remove attack dice and utility. Relentlessly pursue targets until you tip the balance in your favor.

3. Do not change your target. A half-damaged ship still shoots with full strength. Focus on one target and follow up until it is destroyed.

4. Pilot skill is worth the investment.

5. Plan your ships’ maneuvers in the order that they move.

6. Learn how your squad wants to fly. Then, learn how it wants to fly against different squads. If you only have one plan, it’s not a very good one.

7. Use range and angles to divide enemy fire. Never let an entire swarm fire on a single target.

8. Your dice will betray you, especially your green dice.

9. Boost and barrel roll can be used to recover from minor mistakes, not major ones.

10. Player skill wins games. No list makes up for bad flying (except Super Dash).

11. Be respectful of other players, and especially of their time. You owe your opponent the best game you can fly.


  1. Meister

    The exception on #10 made me laugh out loud. Really liking the list, the only point of contention I could see in it is the PS statement. There are a lot of lists which capitalize pretty heavily on quantity over quality which work fairly well.

    That said, in general, I still agree with 4!

    • admin

      That’s certainly not meant to mean it’s the best investment, or that you should buy PS to the exclusion of other factors.

      It’s here because it’s often overlooked, and it’s value is not at all immediately obvious in the way that attack dice and hit points are.

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