No Reward Is Worth This

We’ve all had those matches where you get absolutely slaughtered by your opponent, and the losses get burned into your memory. Hopefully though, you can take that match and turn it into some useful advice for the future (like double check the directions on your dials).

In order to honor your sacrifices, and to encourage you to share your lessons with others, I’m creating a little monthly bonus reward program called No Reward Is Worth This. All you have to do is type up a battle report from one of your lost matches and either post it in the comments here, or a link if you’ve posted on one of the forums. At the end of the month, a winner will be chosen and will receive some excess swag from the ol’ loot box. Right now the box has a whole bunch of alt art Push the Limit cards, and two TIE Fighter dice bags (plus a few extra red and green dice I don’t need).



Monthly winners will get a card (just Push the Limits until I can get some more stuff), and the niftier prizes (like dice and dice bags) will go to people who submit particularly great battle reports. Emphasis will be on the usefulness of the lesson, but style points don’t hurt.

With regional season about to open, there should be lots of great matches coming up, with no shortage of boneheaded maneuvers to ruin your Win/Loss record, but hopefully not to ruin your fun.



  1. Parker Smith

    So I just started playing x wing, and in my second full match I was using a squadron that I had built myself based only on the core set and rebel aces. Figuring I would do terribly, I was up against a couple of tie advances and a couple unique tie pilots that I was familiar with from the base set. I did have a strange advantage though; not having played much made me unpredictable, and not knowing all the rules somehow helped me. My Keyan Farlander in his B wing went recklessly into the tie fighters and took one down before being gunned down in the first turn. Jake Farrell in his A wing got behind the enemy somehow and had open season as vader, the other tie advance and other tie chased luke, who desperately continued to green straight away with R2D2 in an attempt to stall for time. By the time luke was gunned down, I had taken all but vader and dark curse out, and flew directly through an asteroid with Jake (which my opponent didn’t expect me to do). This gave me a shot on curse, but I was blown up next turn by the super maneuverable vader as he turned his focus to Jake. I was super pleased with myself for getting as far as I did, and my opponent, who had been playing for some time, game me a copy of alt artwork acad. pilot and soontir fel, whom he had multiple copies of. Looking drop a couple upgrades for my upcoming “vegetable soup” build consisting of ABXZ. Seriously great community, and looking forward to a league day next sunday to play a bunch more with it!

  2. CrowX2M

    I’ve actually got 2 stories I’m going to post from my second tournament ever from this past weekend. (Stele Open in VA)

    Starting with my list build:
    Dash – Outrider, Recon Spec, Mangler Cannon, Calculation
    Chewie – Falcon, Jan Ors, Lando, PTL

    Match 1:
    Dash was focused and destroyed by round 4, at this point my dice hated me and I had no hits on any of the enemy ships (IG-88C, IG88D). I had Chewie at full health about 3 inches off the edge of the mat and was trying to pull a U-Turn with him using 2 hard 1 maneuvers because I had miscalculated the distance running him across the board to try and get behind the IG’s. Basically ran him off the board, causing me to leave my first match with 0 points earned. Lesson Learned: Don’t try to just barely clear the edge if you’re not comfortable flying the ships (I pull these maneuvers all the time in my A-Wings but I haven’t flown large ships yet to be able to accurately judge distances.)

    Match 3:
    Facing a Han and a Jan Ors (HWK-290). Dash had been destroyed, but Chewie had enough hit points (I think it was round 5 when Dash went). Chewie was behind both Jan and Han, having a range 1 on both. Both of them only had 1 hull left, Chewie had 4. Was originally going to take out Han (360 turret is scary) and the HWK’s turret had already been disabled by a crit from Dash prior. Instead, I made the mistake of taking out Jan first, figuring that my opponents dice rolls wouldn’t take Chewie out in a single roll. Took out Jan fine, but the next round after movement, Han got a range 1 shot at Chewie. First roll was 1 hit, then Han’s ability was used and the reroll was 3 hits and a Crit. Unfortunately, the Green Dice didn’t Favor me and Chewie went down. (We rolled Chewies attack anyway afterwards just to see if he would’ve gotten Han and had 1 hit out of 4 dice). Lesson Learned there: Nothing is ever set in stone in a match. You can be one of the most skillful pilots, but there is a lot of luck involved in the dice rolls. (also, when choosing to fire on a 360 or a regular arc and you’re behind both, it might be smarter to take out the 360 first).

  3. Drew

    I don’t have the full battle report any longer… But I remember this particular move like it was yesterday…

    Echo fully kit-out with Advanced Cloaking Device, ready to make life difficult for my opponent.

    Cloaked, Echo made for the edge of the battlefield, intent on sweeping up the side while her escort distracted the forces of the Rebellion.

    She skirted along the edge and opened up her engines, closing distance with a lone fighter, assuring she had plenty of room, she decloaked to take her shot… And flew right off the board in the second turn.

    The Rebellion’s mop-up of the rest of the squadron was short-lived.

  4. lj1983

    IG88B – Mangler Cannon, Outmaneuver, Adv Sensors, AutoThrusters
    IG88C – Heavy Laser Cannon, Outmaneuver, Adv Sensors, AutoThrusters, Inertial Dampeners

    7X Academy Pilots

    At 100 points each, we rolled off for Initiative. He ended up taking Initiative, which only mattered in the placement of obstacles and in the Backstabber vs IG matchup (PS6).

    He placed his TIEs spread out over the map, in pairs, 7-8 inches apart. Backstabber and his buddy were on the left side of the map.
    Setting up second, I decided that Backstabber was target #1, and so set the Robots on the left side of the map, directly across from Backstabber.

    Turn 1 – all the TIEs fly forward, 2 forward for the Backstabber group, to a 5 forward on the right side. A very pretty echelon movement.
    IG-88s boosted forward and moved 3, getting backstabber (and not his buddy) into range. At Range 3, with an evade token and thrusters, those IGs are practically immune to Tie Fighter fire.
    I made a mistake here, simple one about firing order. I fired with B first, he with the Mangler Cannon. Against TIEs or anyone with no shields, he should fire second all the time. He stripped the token from Backstabber, and C fired with the HLC to do some damage. Switch it around, that damage is a crit and maybe you take BS out of the fight a turn earlier.
    Turn 2 – Backstabber and buddy 5-k, B does a 4 k, C pulls the space breaks. Which is an awesome card for 1 pt. now with outmaneuver kicking in, and taking a focus instead of the evade, Backstabber is toast and damage goes on his buddy.
    Cue several turns of this, and the TIEs focusing on IG-88B.
    IGs are an interesting matchup, here we have a HLC on C vs the Mangler. While B helps out the damage on either ship. Which is more dangerous? I think he chose wisely to take out B.

    B Dies after taking out two more TIEs, and sprinkling damage throughout a handful of others.
    C, has the HLC. but with 5 Academies charging him, he is never fully out of Arcs. He is under so much fire constantly, that he never takes a Target lock, nor does he feel safe to use focus on attacks. Relying on 3 green dice regularly vs multiple 2 and 3 dice attacks is relatively safe…as long as the dice gods smile. And that’s what a swarm does…keep hitting you until your luck runs out.
    IGs have a 3 forward, 4k, 3 S-loop. I wanted to stay at range 3, keep a TIE in arc (losing a shot when outnumbered is rough), and turn around constantly. Even with the boost prior to slooping, IG88 just could not get far enough away from all those TIEs. And this meant that outmaneuver didn’t work very often. I think outmaneuver has a home on 88B – as he will always have his gunner effect. But C sorely missed not having anything to help out on the attack rolls. Even with 4 dice, poor unmodified rolls sank him. I think Predator will allow him to better use that HLC.
    Back and forth, 1 damage here, 2 damage here. Down to 2 hull on IG-88, and 3 damaged TIEs. I think I have the drop on him, one TIE turns the wrong way, I see the opening. This should be the beginning of the end for him. Boost left, Sloop Right, Will get a Range 2 shot, with no TIEs having arc on IG88C. Sloop movement barely scrapes an asteroid. Crap. Roll, *Kaboom*! Draw card. Direct Hit. Two damage, down goes IG-88, with three 1 HP TIEs limping into the distance.

    • admin

      Hey, hopefully you’ve got some sort of comment reply notification turned on because I’ve chosen your bat rep as the winner of the inaugural No Reward Is Worth This contest!

      I’ll be writing up a post about it (because selecting shooting order is a surprisingly big deal), and since the lesson is so important you’re getting an extra special gift. I’ll be sending your way an alt art Push the Limit plus a TIE Fighter dice bag. Contact me on Reddit (/u/bl1y) to send me your mailing info.

  5. Joravi

    Having just started playing X-wing during the fall of 2014 with my little gaming community in our friend’s basement that I was a hotshot pilot for being able to fly around asteroids pretty successfully and I was content with that. My good friend convinced me the night before the X-wing tournament at Adepticon that I should also play (I didn’t bring any of my x-wing stuff to Adepticon) so I built a list with my friends other stuff. It was a scum list since I really like the appeal of S&V. My list below:

    Y-wing – Kavil with Blaster Turret and Unhinged Astromech
    2 Z-95 Headhunters – Black Sun Soldiers
    Firespray-31 – Kath Scarlet with Gunner and Seismic Charge

    So ya it definitely wasn’t going to be top list and looking back now I have no idea why I had gunner on Kath but hey it happened. And since everyone loves backward stories I will start with how I ended. I had 3 losses and 2 byes one of which came in the last round because my opponent dropped out. This ended up giving me time to do other fun things at the convention but because I didn’t wait around for another hour and thirty minutes I didn’t receive that awesome PTL card which I am really craving now! So onto the 2nd battle which really hurt the most and taught me the importance of thinking for an extra 2 seconds before dropping that maneuver dial.
    Opponent was running:

    VT-49 – Captain Oicunn with Expose, Dauntless, Mara Jade, and Rebel Captive
    TIE Fighter – Academy Pilot
    TIE Fighter – Backstabber
    TIE Fighter – Howlrunner

    Also not a net list so I felt pretty good going against it and I have run Oicunn before so I kinda knew the game plan going in. Ignore Oicunn as much as possible and take out the TIE and then work on Oicunn. We both setup basically a standard mix of pure asteroids in the middle of the board. And we both deployed near the middle of our respective starting areas. Initiative didn’t matter without overlapping PS. I lined up Kath so she could fly through the right side of the asteroids and get shots through most of the map without having to bank etc. The 2 Z95 were on the left with Kavil behind them on flank patrol. Oicunn was lined up basically same as Kath and he put the TIE against my Z-95 and Kavil. 1st turn we both went 3 forward. 2nd turn I really slowed down with the Z95 and Kavil and stayed at range 3 from the TIE. Kath went 2 and got a range 2 of Oicunn and was at range 3 of Howlrunner. Light shooting and I was able to evade all the shots on me and even take a hull off of Howlrunner. Turn 3 I let Kavil go crazy and start his endless 3 turns to the right (he started on the left so he was now going clockwise back around the board) Kath now banks right hoping to get Oicunn or a TIE in the rear arc. Both Z95 pull a K-Turn which worked great as the TIEs tried to guess on a bank. Oicunn moved to my left towards my Z95 and Kavil. Kavil was at range 2 on Howlrunner and got all 4 hits and took Howlrunner out. Oicunn had a good expose shot and took both shield off a range 3 Z-95. Kath had cold dice and did 1 shield to Oicunn at range 2 and took a stress. The other TIE were out of arc. Now both TIE started turning and barrel rolling into position against the Z95s. Oicunn made a great move and banked into my already damaged Z95 taking away a hull. He used dauntless and expose to get a big shot off against my other Z95 but I rolled hot and saved 2 so I only lost 2 shield. Backstabber whiffed but baby Academy pilot was able to take out the badly damaged Z95. Kath was out of arc as I had her banking right to shed that stress (this was a mistake as it would take me 3 turns to get Kath back into it). Kavil was able to do a single hull on Backstabber. Oicunn was able to ram my remaining Z95 for another hull but it was out of position for the TIEs and it was able to take out Backstabber with support from Kavil (he is now about 2/3 of the board towards me with almost perfect line up facing my board edge). Oicunn whiffed on range 3 shots through asteroid against Kavil. Kath is still turning around on the right side of the board. Kavil take a 3 bank to get close to the last TIE. Oicunn predicted my Z95 and banks left into him crushing him. The TIE is way out of arc and position so Kavil is able to take him out in a single round of shooting. And now the bad part (so far a decent game with a bad choice on Kath). Kavil takes a 2 forward to avoid bumping Oicunn and for those shots. Kavil is now in my left board corner with enough space for a 2 bank to crawl up the edge again. Kavil strips the shield of Oicunn and takes the stress. Kavil takes a single shield in return (Oicunn went cold here). Kath is now at range 3 and takes some pot shots for 2 hull off Oicunn. Now being a cocky pilot with Kavil I decide to try a 3 bank right. Kavil’s back left corner is a millimeter off the edge and so poof there goes my high damage arc dodger. Oicunn starts turning on Kath who takes 2 asteroid hits on the way back and is now getting pummeled by Oicunn. 3 more turn of trying to strip off 10 hull from Oicunn leaves me with Kath suffering another asteroid mishap and a wallop of a hit from Oicunn to end the game. I got Oicunn down to 3 hull from 10 with just Kath and I tried not to show it but was so bitter about losing Kavil to the great beyond. Not sure if I would have been able to win with Kavil but I really feel like I could have (as we all do when we lose!!!)

    So that is my batrep from Adepticon. Great opponent and I really learned to respect that board edge from this game! I am definitely looking forward to regionals but I am going back to the great Galactic Empire!!!!

  6. RoscoNYG

    My second ever match of Rebels vs Scum (I was Rebels). Things were going pretty well for me, my Y Wing was picking off headhunters left right and center. However, I failed to take into account of the asteroid field and lost the bulk of my fleet (an A-Wing and X-Wing) through bad collision rolls.

    It then came down to my Y Wing against Prince Xixors personal ship. I was chasing him down like something else, picking off hit after hit. Then suddenly it dawned on me. I was too busy focusing on the chase that I forgot about my surroundings. I had no way to maneuver from my doom – the edge of the table. Yes that’s right folks, my Y Wing was so close to the edge of the table that he had to fly right off and into the abyss.

    Three lessons for me: Don’t take asteroids lightly, learn your ships maneuver dials; and finally, be aware of the playing surface and where your ships are!

  7. Braden

    Traumatic amnesia and nightmares keep my official list from surfacing to my thoughts, but it is the worst blunder and not the list that makes this story a cautionary tale. It was my first Epic X-wing Tourney and my first official time playing with the Epic Ruleset. I arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed, filled with excitement to finally use my big transport ship. Looking around, everyone else had fit a corvette into their lists, but I saw them all as fools, for I had created such a clever control list….or so I thought. I systematically setup and placed my fleet to create maximum mayhem, licking my lips with anticipation. If memory serves, I had two pancakes and a salvo of named Z-X-wings on the left of my rebel transport. Turn one begins and I quickly select my dial maneuvers…waiting with baited breath for my slow opponent to finish. You see, this had all been calculated beforehand… I was quick to put down dials, knew where I was flying, and had a plan that would make any Moff feel like they were being force choked. My opponent and I then continued to go through the motions of maneuvers based on pilot skill. The fool ends up directing for a joust right into my trap.

    Then it happened…

    I had never practiced with the epic movement templates, so imagine my horror stricken face as I completed my maneuver and my rebel transport fishtailed, landing precisely on top of near half my fleet. I looked in desperation at my opponent for a mulligan, but alas, it was a tournament and now he was the one licking his lips…he could taste my tears. To this day, I always envision that game, thinking of my rebel transport as a giant white whale named Moby Dick (emphasis on DICK). That damned hell-whale that tail swung and destroyed all my poor harpooners in the vast ocean of space.

    “From hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. Ye damned whale. ”

    I have not played a game of epic to this day.

  8. Bozbacca

    So here’s my story. Flying for first time against warhogs and forget about the power of ion. Fly wedge at a bad angle next to board edge. Ion one misses. Ion two misses. Ion three misses. Ion four leaks through giving him an ion which flys him straight off the board. My B’s put up a good fight next turn taking down a y but I lose airen to overwhelming focus from ions plus primaries on the y-wings. I turn on one of his Y’s after several more rounds of firing where there are no casualties. I finish it right before the tournie timer ends. Yes I think. I’ve done enough. No… its only 25 points. End score 50 lost for him 53 lost for me. My wedge error had cost me dearly and his upgrades had been between a win and a loss. Out in first round due to turn 2 mistakes. Gutted

  9. Tyler

    For the after battle report, do you want it put together as an out of character, overview kind of thing? Or an in character report of the battle and loss?

    • admin

      I’ve only ever seen them as being written from the point of view of the player, but if you want to write it from the point of view of one of your pilots, go for it! I just turned in the final version of my MFA fiction thesis, so I can totally get behind some creative ways of writing.

      That said, the emphasis is still on producing a usable lesson, not just an entertaining bat rep.

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