Frugal Friday – 5/15/2015

Hey X-Wingers, it’s Friday and hopefully for you that’s synonymous with pay day. But before you head down to your local cantina, I thought you might like to see what good deals there currently are for X-Wing expansions.

First, a bit of disclosure! The following links are all for an Amazon Associate account, which means we get a small commission, but it won’t cost you anything extra.

Second, you should be supporting your local game store. …But, if money’s tight and you want to send a few credits our way instead, who are we to stop you?

Third, the actual deals. These aren’t everything that’s discounted on Amazon, but they are some of the better offers. (Prices are with Amazon Prime, and are subject to change.)

#0. Imperial Armada – $66.57 (Reg. $99.99). Just like the scale of the ships dwarfs those in X-Wing, Armada’s buy in dwarfs the price of previous FFG miniature games. Fortunately, Amazon has a significant discount going.

#1. Most Wanted – $28.18 (Reg. $39.99, Last $28.42). Less than $10 per ship.

#2. CR-90 – $59.93 (Reg. $89.99, Last $60.05). There’s just no beating this massive discount. Only $60 for C3PO, plus you get a great Corvette model as an added bonus! Get it while the price is low, as it might jump up once the Raider Corvette comes out and epic play becomes more popular.

#3. Imperial Aces – $22.25 (Reg. $29.99, Last $22.07). That’s just $11 per Interceptor!

#4. Rebel Aces – $23.95 (Reg. $29.99, $22.01). 6 cents less than the Imperials!

#5. Aggressor – $20.19 (Reg. $29.99, Last $21.02). Cheapest of the large ships right now, and since you’re going to want two of them, the discount is doubly good.

#6. Lambda Shuttle – $21.75 (Reg. $29.99, Last $22.09). If you don’t have one, you know you’ve always thought about buying one, and you do have one, you know you’ve always thought about having a second to paint cow spots on to.


#7. Starviper – $15.42 (Reg. $19.99, Last $15.42). Pretty unreasonable to charge $20 for a small ship, but at least the discount bring it back down to the normal rate. Enjoy your autothrusters!


#8. GR-75 – $42.17 (Reg. $60.00, Last $39.77). Bit of a price jump in the last few weeks, but still a decent deal. Not only do you get the fantastic rebel transport model, but you also get an X-Wing with an alternate paint scheme and a couple unique pilots and droids (including Stressbot).


#9. Core set – $29.94 (Reg. $39.99, Last $29.67). You get three ships for $10 each, plus an extra set of dice, another range ruler, and all the stress tokens you could ever need.


#10. Dice – $7.89 (Reg. $7.99, Last $7.95). We’ve seen these sell for $10 at game stores, which is just nuts. You shouldn’t have to pay $1.67 per die (but we did… support your local game store, folks). Frankly, $1.33 per die is also pretty out there, but it is what it is.

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