Welcome to the next installment of the NoVa meta analysis. This analysis is based on 255 games played at 10 tournaments in 6 stores over the past 4 weeks. Additional information can be found on the FAQ. Click the images below for a larger version. Detailed squad lists can be found by combing List Juggler.

The first chart shows the leading squad archetypes:

Squads061016This represents a significant shift from the previous edition. Before, only 25% of squads were in the “Others” category, while now more than a third are. You need to have a plan for Scouts+Zucks and Palp Aces, but winning tournaments also means beating a number of oddball squads and having a well-rounded build.

AddSquads061016Here you can see that those “Others” comprise 28 different squads. And remember, this isn’t just what’s flying. This is what’s winning.


The dawn of Omega and the Inquisitor has made PS8 the new PS9, which means PS9 is the new PS10, and PS10 is the new Kyle+Jake combo. We’ve also now got the first inclusion of a PS bid that’s very near and dear to me, PS9 at 96 points.

C&D061016Finally, Control and Denial mechanics remain rare, holding steady around 2/3rds of squads. But, rare as they are, it still means you’ll be facing them in 1 out of 3 games, so be prepared to see 1 in a 3-round regular event, and 2 in 6 rounds at a premier event. It’s no surprise that Tractor Beam is the most popular thing on this list, with Zuckuss and 2 Scouts dominating the meta.





  1. mtrein

    I have seen Carnor quite a bit lately, probably because of the uboats and Deadeye. I thought he would have been figured on the control and denial list.

  2. T-Minus9

    The charts are fairly hard to read, blown-out numbers rather than a legend would be much easier.

    Otherwise, thank you for posting this nice aggregate list data. It’s appreciated.

    • admin

      I agree on the formatting. I’m still learning this stuff.

      But, the exact numbers are kinda irrelevant. Minor differences in frequency aren’t very important.

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