Curio Cavern Tuesday Night X-Wing, Ben vs. Josh

Welcome to the first ever video from Curio Cavern’s weekly Tuesday night tournament. In this match we have Ben flying his famous TIE Salad squad against Josh’s Nera/Ezra/Poe squad (details after the video).

And we’d like to announce the start of our Patreon campaign. If you watch the video, you’ll see exactly why we need to raise a couple funds. Click here to provide your support and keep the Resistance resisting or First Order …firsting? (You can also support this site through our Amazon Affiliate link.)

Ben is flying “TIE Salad” — Palp Shuttle, Alpha Interceptor w/Autothrusters, Wampa, Scourge w/Crackshot, Howlrunner w/Crackshot

Josh is flying Nera w/Proton Torps, Extra Munis, Deadeye, Fire Control System and Guidance Chips, Ezra w/Push the Limit, Autoblaster Turret, and Kanan, and Poe w/PtL, R2, and Autothrusters

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