Curio Cavern Tuesday Night, Aaron vs Clayton

Time for another game from Curio Cavern, the world’s leading weekly X-Wing tournament. In this match we have Aaron’s Corran/Biggs/Ezra list which made the cut to top 16 at the Maryland Regionals against a U-boat list with a twist — Palob, and one of the boats is running Ion Torpedoes.

Aaron’s squad: Corran w/Draw Their Fire, FCS, R2D2, Hull Upgrade; Biggs w/R4-D6 Integrated Astro, Ezra w/Elusiveness, Chewbacca, Autoblaster

Clayton’s squad: Scout w/Deadeye, Ion Torps, Extra Munis, 4-Lom, Overclocked Astro, Guidance Chips; Scout w/Deadeye, Proton Torps, Extra Munis, R4 Aggro, Outlaw Tech; Palob w/Adapt, Illicit Cloak, TLT, Tactician

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