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Curio Cavern Tuesday Night, Aaron vs Clayton

Time for another game from Curio Cavern, the world’s leading weekly X-Wing tournament. In this match we have Aaron’s Corran/Biggs/Ezra list which made the cut to top 16 at the Maryland Regionals against a U-boat list with a twist — Palob, and one of the boats is running Ion Torpedoes.

Aaron’s squad: Corran w/Draw Their Fire, FCS, R2D2, Hull Upgrade; Biggs w/R4-D6 Integrated Astro, Ezra w/Elusiveness, Chewbacca, Autoblaster

Clayton’s squad: Scout w/Deadeye, Ion Torps, Extra Munis, 4-Lom, Overclocked Astro, Guidance Chips; Scout w/Deadeye, Proton Torps, Extra Munis, R4 Aggro, Outlaw Tech; Palob w/Adapt, Illicit Cloak, TLT, Tactician

Curio Cavern Tuesday Night, Quinn vs. Dan

We’re back with another game from Curio Cavern’s weekly Tuesday night tournament, with Quinn and Dan squaring off in the final round. In this match we get to see Imperial Aces take on Imperial Bombers.

Quinn’s list:
Darth Vader w/x1 Title, Advanced Targeting Computer, Juke, Engine Upgrade
Turr w/Veteran Instincts, Autothrusters, Stealth Device, Royal Guard Title
Valen Rudor w/V1 Title, Push the Limit, Autothrusters, Proton Rockets

Dan’s List
Major Rhymer w/Deadeye, Proton Torps, Advanced Homing Missiles, Extra Minus, Guidance Chips
Captain Jonus w/Deadeye, Proton Torps, Extra Munis, Guidance Chips
Inquisitor w/V1, Push the Limit, Autothrusters, Proton Rockets

Exhibition Match: TIE Salad vs. Han/Jake

Howdy holonet,

This is a new format of video we’re trying out, where we play exhibition matches rather than commenting on recorded games from tournaments. The idea here is to let you hear from the players in real time to get an idea of what we’re thinking, while in tournaments the players aren’t quite so generous to their opponents. We’re generally going to stick to top squads, but occasionally will throw some fun stuff into the mix. For this edition, we’ve got TIE Salad (Ben’s Roanoke Regional list) and Han/Jake (Derek’s Critical Hit Games Store Championship list):

TIE Salad:
Omicron Group Shuttle w/Palpatine
Alpha Interceptor w/Autos
Scourge w/Crackshot
Howlrunner w/Crackshot

Han w/Lone Wolf, Luke, C3PO, Engine Upgrade, Falcon Title
Jake w/Push the Limit, Veteran Instincts, Autothrusters, Proton Rockets, and Test Pilot

We played the match twice, switching squads between games.

(This second video may still be processing; we’ve got games to get to this morning…)

Curio Cavern Tuesday Night X-Wing, Ben vs. Josh

Welcome to the first ever video from Curio Cavern’s weekly Tuesday night tournament. In this match we have Ben flying his famous TIE Salad squad against Josh’s Nera/Ezra/Poe squad (details after the video).

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Ben is flying “TIE Salad” — Palp Shuttle, Alpha Interceptor w/Autothrusters, Wampa, Scourge w/Crackshot, Howlrunner w/Crackshot

Josh is flying Nera w/Proton Torps, Extra Munis, Deadeye, Fire Control System and Guidance Chips, Ezra w/Push the Limit, Autoblaster Turret, and Kanan, and Poe w/PtL, R2, and Autothrusters