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No Reward Is Worth This Round 1 Winner

Folks, I’d like to introduce you to the winner of the Round 1 of the No Reward Is Worth This competition, lj1983, whoever the heck that is. But before jumping into the battle report, a quick reminder of what the point of the whole this is: Prizes!

Wait, no. Yes, there’s prizes, but the point is learning lessons from our worst failures. What we’re looking for is not just a crushing defeat, but something where you can learn something rather valuable as well. The lesson we get from this battle report is somewhat simple, but also not something entirely obvious to newer players: Shooting order matters. To that end, I’ve put together this lesson: Who Shoots First?

Now for the second most important thing, the prizes. For having a bat rep that highlighted such a fundamental lesson, lj1983 will be getting not just an alternate art Push the Limit, but also a handy-dandy TIE Fighter dice bag. (If you happen to be lj1983, get in touch so I can send your prizes.)

If you want a chance to win some neat prizes (and we’re working on expanding the prize pool), just post your battle report in the comments below, or if you’ve already posted it elsewhere, just comment with a link.

So now, without further ado, here’s the first No Reward Is Worth This winning entry:

IG88B – Mangler Cannon, Outmaneuver, Adv Sensors, AutoThrusters
IG88C – Heavy Laser Cannon, Outmaneuver, Adv Sensors, AutoThrusters, Inertial Dampeners

7X Academy Pilots

At 100 points each, we rolled off for Initiative. He ended up taking Initiative, which only mattered in the placement of obstacles and in the Backstabber vs IG matchup (PS6).

He placed his TIEs spread out over the map, in pairs, 7-8 inches apart. Backstabber and his buddy were on the left side of the map.
Setting up second, I decided that Backstabber was target #1, and so set the Robots on the left side of the map, directly across from Backstabber.

Turn 1 – all the TIEs fly forward, 2 forward for the Backstabber group, to a 5 forward on the right side. A very pretty echelon movement.
IG-88s boosted forward and moved 3, getting backstabber (and not his buddy) into range. At Range 3, with an evade token and thrusters, those IGs are practically immune to Tie Fighter fire.
I made a mistake here, simple one about firing order. I fired with B first, he with the Mangler Cannon. Against TIEs or anyone with no shields, he should fire second all the time. He stripped the token from Backstabber, and C fired with the HLC to do some damage. Switch it around, that damage is a crit and maybe you take BS out of the fight a turn earlier.
Turn 2 – Backstabber and buddy 5-k, B does a 4 k, C pulls the space breaks. Which is an awesome card for 1 pt. now with outmaneuver kicking in, and taking a focus instead of the evade, Backstabber is toast and damage goes on his buddy.
Cue several turns of this, and the TIEs focusing on IG-88B.
IGs are an interesting matchup, here we have a HLC on C vs the Mangler. While B helps out the damage on either ship. Which is more dangerous? I think he chose wisely to take out B.

B Dies after taking out two more TIEs, and sprinkling damage throughout a handful of others.
C, has the HLC. but with 5 Academies charging him, he is never fully out of Arcs. He is under so much fire constantly, that he never takes a Target lock, nor does he feel safe to use focus on attacks. Relying on 3 green dice regularly vs multiple 2 and 3 dice attacks is relatively safe…as long as the dice gods smile. And that’s what a swarm does…keep hitting you until your luck runs out.
IGs have a 3 forward, 4k, 3 S-loop. I wanted to stay at range 3, keep a TIE in arc (losing a shot when outnumbered is rough), and turn around constantly. Even with the boost prior to slooping, IG88 just could not get far enough away from all those TIEs. And this meant that outmaneuver didn’t work very often. I think outmaneuver has a home on 88B – as he will always have his gunner effect. But C sorely missed not having anything to help out on the attack rolls. Even with 4 dice, poor unmodified rolls sank him. I think Predator will allow him to better use that HLC.
Back and forth, 1 damage here, 2 damage here. Down to 2 hull on IG-88, and 3 damaged TIEs. I think I have the drop on him, one TIE turns the wrong way, I see the opening. This should be the beginning of the end for him. Boost left, Sloop Right, Will get a Range 2 shot, with no TIEs having arc on IG88C. Sloop movement barely scrapes an asteroid. Crap. Roll, *Kaboom*! Draw card. Direct Hit. Two damage, down goes IG-88, with three 1 HP TIEs limping into the distance.

No Reward Is Worth This

We’ve all had those matches where you get absolutely slaughtered by your opponent, and the losses get burned into your memory. Hopefully though, you can take that match and turn it into some useful advice for the future (like double check the directions on your dials).

In order to honor your sacrifices, and to encourage you to share your lessons with others, I’m creating a little monthly bonus reward program called No Reward Is Worth This. All you have to do is type up a battle report from one of your lost matches and either post it in the comments here, or a link if you’ve posted on one of the forums. At the end of the month, a winner will be chosen and will receive some excess swag from the ol’ loot box. Right now the box has a whole bunch of alt art Push the Limit cards, and two TIE Fighter dice bags (plus a few extra red and green dice I don’t need).



Monthly winners will get a card (just Push the Limits until I can get some more stuff), and the niftier prizes (like dice and dice bags) will go to people who submit particularly great battle reports. Emphasis will be on the usefulness of the lesson, but style points don’t hurt.

With regional season about to open, there should be lots of great matches coming up, with no shortage of boneheaded maneuvers to ruin your Win/Loss record, but hopefully not to ruin your fun.